Powered Articulating Endoscopic Linear Cutter Stapler

The powered Articulating Endoscopic Linear cutters are intended for transection, resection, and/or creation of anastomoses. The instruments have application in multiple open or minimally invasive general, gynecologic, urologic, thoracic and pediatric surgical procedures. They can be used with staple line or tissue buttressing materials. The instruments may also be used for transection and resection of liver parenchyma (hepatic vasculature and libiary structures), pancreas, kidney and spleen.

Our Features & Benefits

Powered motivated

Power motivated with continuously firing guarantee the stability of device and stapled formation.

60° articulating Angle

60°articulation provides larger operation space in minimally invasive surgery Access to the narrow space or even the ultra-low pelvic for rectum resection vertically.

Knife Blade Indicator

Knife blade indicator provides laparoscopic view relative to mm markings on cartridge channel.

GST Feature

Optimal compression integrated with better grasping on movement make better staple formation, reduce the risk of a leak or bleeding.

Reload Multipled

Variable cartridges cover different surgeries with different tissue thickness.
6 different colors of flat reloads available in gray, white,blue,golden,green and black for your choice.


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